Terms & Conditions




THE TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT: shall commence on the date of acceptance, and may be terminated by HEADQUARTERS or by the CLIENT on ONE CALENDAR MONTH’S WRITTEN NOTICE.

RENT & CHARGES FOR OPTIONAL SERVICES: HEADQUARTERS shall endeavor to provide itemized invoices by the 25th of each month for the ensuing month plus all charges for Optional Services incurred between the 16th of the previous month through to the 15th of the current month. Such invoices are payable in full on or before the FIRST day of the ensuing month.

BOOKING APPOINTMENTS / PREMISE ENTRY: We ask that you send your requested bookings and cancellations through hqoffice.skedda,com or via email at [email protected]. You are required to book your appointments in advance and you are not permitted to enter the premises without prior bookings.

1. At no time can you enter our premises without a prior arranged booking. There is an obligation to leave at the exact time you have specified and staying over without authorization would be considered a violation of the contract. A penalty of $200.00 will be applied if there is a violation.

2. If a second incident occurs, the client privileges will be terminated. When you enter the premises, it is the CLIENT’s responsibility to log in and log out the actual time to ensure accurate billing. When you leave your office, please ensure to close the door which will engage the locking feature. Please note that if you go over time, we will charge for an additional hour.

KEY DEPOSIT & AFTER STAFF HOURS: The client shall provide to HEADQUARTERS herewith a key deposit in the amount of $50.00, which shall be held by HEADQUARTERS interest-free and may be applied at any time for outstanding charges owing by the CLIENT. This key deposit shall be returned to the CLIENT upon receipt of all keys.

The CLIENT agrees NOT TO HIRE the staff of HEADQUARTERS OF during the currency of this contract or within TWELVE MONTHS of termination or cancellation of same. In the event of a breach of this restriction, the CLIENT shall pay to HEADQUARTERS damages equal to FIFTY PERCENT of wages (including benefits) for the then-current year of the employee or employees concerned to offset the costs to HEADQUARTERS of re-hiring and training. Agreeing to this service does not entitle you to use our address for your business cards and advertisements.